Change your love sentence into a success story

How sad to be rejected by the person we love! Do you have a feeling of emptiness and the impression that the world is cruel to you? It is not easy to live a life of love and it is even harder to try to forget it.

Whether you are young or old, the trouble is the same and many people are like you in this situation. But if you do not realize another point of view about it, then you will never live a healthy and exciting relationship.

In this article, I propose asolution that is already in you and it is together that it will manifest in your imagination without any effort and thus have the hope to change this pain of love into a success in love.

Can you observe and accept your sentence and your breakup?

One of the reactions that does not work and will never work to free you from your pain is to try to forget it through distraction, pleasure, comfort or immediate solution such as tips or tricks to do .

This is not the time either, because each time you think of the person who left you, you will feel resentment. In fact, forgetfulness is not the product of time, but although you think of something else, so it is your memory that recreates your pain.

The first thing to do to heal your pain of love is simply to accept it as it is , because you are this trouble. Your feeling is your truth and denying that or running away is tantamount to saying that you do not love yourself.

Whether you feel good or bad, this is your truth and accepting to live it, to love it, so healing has already begun.

Since you have no control over others, then what is the point of trying to change them to satisfy only your desires? What is the use of trying to avenge yourself or to get angry at the decision of the other! By creating problems with each other, you only multiply your own problems.

So, by observing and accepting your pain without denying it or judging it, then it begins to change effortlessly, but if you run away from it or avoid being with it, then you increase the pain and you create a habit of searching for temporary remedies, instead of a permanent creative solution.

Remember that any situation and feeling is temporary. What keeps the pain in you is your way of thinking that judges and denies your truth, so your feeling.

Understand the nature of your grief

We are all born with 5 natural emotions that are anger, pain, desire, fear and love.But our learned education has never taught us or even looked closely at what they are.

Rather, it conditioned our minds to repress, control or control them. This is the obvious mistake that spreads from generation to generation and produces conflicts in each of us and then in our relationships.

The pain of love is an emotion quite natural. It’s the gift you receive that lets you express, push or project the sadness you feel when you lose someone you love.

When children are allowed to express their sorrow, they easily get rid of it, and when they are grown up, they behave in a very healthy way towards sadness and, as a result, very quickly overcome their pain.

But children who have been told that it is not good to shed tears, sob, bawl, have a hard time crying when they become adults. They learned through fear and guilt, not to cry and thus hide their pain.

The continually repressed pain becomes depression, tearing, rejection, distress and deep melancholy that are no natural emotions.

Because of this, many people have been emotionally destructive or have caused conflict through revenge or violence.

It is by accepting your feeling and your reality, and understanding the nature of your emotion that the pain of love comes to an end.

Choose consciously what you would like to have a relationship

What can you do afterwards to avoid falling into the same trap of experiencing another pain of love?

The other left you because he was not good in his relationship with you. And if you do not accept his truth, so his feeling, then you can not understand the situation.

Therefore, you unconsciously created your desire, the desire to the other to get away from you by your thoughts, your words and your actions.

When someone hurts you, forces you, screams, controls you, judges you, criticizes you or any other state of being who divides, then you do not want to stay with that person. The most amazing thing is that this person is not aware of what she is in relation to you and she will probably deny that and accuse you.

Do not you do the same thing when you’re in this situation?

It would be very wise to become aware of  what love is not so you can choose between that and something else.

In fact, rejection of the other is simply a learned habit of wanting to be loved and so having expectations of something you believe will bring you happiness.

You have been educated by others, by the observation of others, that love was to obtain love from others. That’s what love is not, a kind of addiction by need.

You were afraid of losing what the other brought you for your happiness and this unconscious fear initiated all your behaviors in this relationship that created unhappy feelings in the other and then produced a division.

What experience do you want about this pain of love?

The problem you are experiencing with a love case is an opportunity to consciously choose to create by offering others what you want for yourself.

If you continue to believe that love is that the other loves you, brings you happiness, then you will live a relationship of love in expectations, lack of passion and a life without joy.

You will seek to protect yourself from a breakup in love by imposing obligations and conditions. You are not that.

Observe the people who are really happy in love, they are the ones who are in action and are friendly without waiting for anything of the other. Those who talk about their happiness without doing anything are exactly the opposite, because they only seek to look good to hide the truth.

Be kind and the rest will follow.

Here is what you have for you!

Our training in problem solving offers much more than knowledge and words, it offers you different points of view, free choices, experiences, examples and facts to create with passion, just, healthy and united relationships. to achieve what you choose, no matter who you are, what you do and where you live.

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