Do you know the gift that is hiding in your problem?

Are you worried, stressed or depressed about a current problem that brings you great despair and doubts about being able to free you from it?

Do you experience great discomfort, an unhappy feeling in a relationship with someone? Have you lost something essential in your life?

Do you find that problems are situations that should not exist?

You are not alone in this situation, because all human beings are grappling with many problems, but if you approach them by denying them, judging them or calling them evil, useless and detestable, then you live your life in fear, doubt and misery.

Fortunately, since the beginning of time, there has been a different forgotten approach that allows you to love them and discover the gifts or surprises they contain.

Can you appreciate your problems!

We have all been educated to run away from our problems , not to love them or to know their purpose. It is therefore not surprising that we call them bad and so be afraid to live on them.

This fear of experiencing problems incites us unconsciously to seek safety and comfort, and therefore live in a form of imitation without any new creation.

This lack of creation is harmful to us because we seek to relive the same experiences by simply changing the objects of desire, but keeping the same known desires that bring temporary short-term satisfactions.

The monotony of reliving the familiar comfortable

When you know the known purpose of your desire, then you expect a particular result that is the source of all the problems when you can not get it from others or from yourself.

Joy is not in a known outcome, but in an unknown outcome from an uncomfortable problem that you have overcome by using your creative power and thus feeling your pride, your joy of succeeding.

Thus, problems are creative opportunities to improve your knowledge of yourself and your quality of life by creating creations for your well-being and those of others.

Without the problems, how can you appreciate who you are and who you choose to be?

How can you feel the great joy and pride of having realized something from a problem that you are experiencing personally or in relation to others?

What problem and feelings do you currently live?

You know perfectly well, if you have a problem and you do not need anyone for that. Just observe how you feel about someone or something in your reality.

Your inner feeling is your own truth of being good or being wrong while your outer reality is a measurable physical observation, a material proof of a realization desired by someone.

By accepting your problem and understanding it as the source of all creation, joy, self-esteem and self- confidence, you become aware of the habits of people and of yourself. to flee them and thus never to love you, to appreciate you or to know you in a conscious way.

What is the current problem that bothers you, worries you?

  • A relationship problem
  • A relationship problem
  • A problem of family relationship
  • A work relationship problem
  • A problem of social relation
  • An income problem
  • A personal problem

What is the cause of all your problems?

Problems occur when your reaction is to deny or judge your inner truth or feeling (you) and your external reality (others, objects).

This reaction has been transmitted to you unconsciously by habit.

You make a bad judgment about a problem or you make a good judgment about safety. And yet, both are just results and you have the power to transform the results through the process of creation.

You are this process, but you are hypnotized to the results of this process, which is called reality. It is the process that creates reality and not reality that creates reality.

But what would happen if you did not judge, but you would have a different perception and understanding of truth and reality?

Would you like to turn your perception of problems into something different?

Problems are unfortunate consequences of a creation

So understand that problems are unfortunate consequences that you have created without realizing it in order to have the opportunity to make a new choice, because the last one you took about it, did not work for your own happiness.

You can pretend that it was the others who hurt you, but somewhere in a relationship, you said or did something that hurt the other person or tried to control his nature and he responds to your provocation.

Of course, others can also cause conflict, but you are still responsible for your feelings.

Therefore, when you feel bad, it is because you have made a mistake of thought that has produced this result instead of accepting and understanding the situation.

Joys are happy consequences of a creation

Without the problems and unfortunate consequences, you would never have a choice between that and something else. This “other thing” is joy.

If everyone lived in joy, how could we feel and experience joy in the absence of lack of joy? It takes a contrary state for that and the unfortunate problems are the opportunity.

Therefore, you can not “always” be happy otherwise you would never be happy. So, instead of judging your unhappy state or problem badly, why not accept it and understand it, then bring in another state of being calm and then choose to create something from that happy state ?

It is not necessary to experience misfortune, but simply to become aware of it. But we can not become aware of it because we judge misfortunes or problems and thus make them exist more forcefully, because the judgment prevents the birth of another choice to be. It keeps in place the known because it does not accept other possibilities. This is the reason for judgment.

This is called reacting unconsciously.

As you avoid and escape your misfortunes, then you can not understand them and so you consciously release them. You recreate your misfortunes, without realizing it, avoiding accepting your truth, your feeling that you have created.

Therefore, the problems are the vital energy that launches the engine of creation and not the spirit.

The mind is the function of you making a decision based on your feeling or against your feeling, when you are not aware of your state of being, so when you judge or deny “what is” in your reality or your feeling.

What types of gifts are you interested in?

When you know in advance what you will have as a Christmas present, then you expect to receive it and you will never feel the joy of receiving a surprise. How is your feeling?

When you know in advance what you will have as a Christmas present, but opening your gift is something else or no gift. How is your feeling?

When you have no expectation or hope of receiving a gift on Christmas or other occasions and you receive something unexpected and surprising. How is your feeling?

Finally, when you live your life seeking to continually reproduce safety, comfort continually, so known without any new experience. How is your feeling?

I would rather say, are you aware that a powerful drug has numbed your soul to the point of completely forgetting your feelings, who you are, and who is called security?

I’m not saying that security is bad, but what I’m telling you is that the fear of experiencing problems leads you to believe that security is a high ideal instead of seeing that it is an absence of creation and an absence of joy.

The gift that hides in a problem is simply the opportunity to create your own happiness, according to you and not according to others!

And by experiencing it, you become aware that you do not need the love of others to be happy and therefore, love can flow freely in your relationships because you know that you are the source of it. offering to others, who in turn, are in a well-being that push them freely to give it back to you.

On the other hand, if you are aware of being the source of this well-being in your relationships and the other continues, without realizing it, to judge you, to hurt you or to deny you, then you allow the abuse to continue. This person is probably used for a long time to receive others.

At this moment, what do you choose? To continue the abuse or to end it? To love you or to hate you?

Do you believe that a discussion about this will bring awareness to the other?

How is your feeling about this situation?

In some cases, you have to decide without regard to what others will experience, because uncomfortable feelings are great opportunities to wake up the most sleepy people or not!

It is in this kind of decision that you move in consciousness because you have no past reference.

How then decide what is good for you?

In truth, what is good for you is what is true for you. And what’s true is your feeling.

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