How to overcome the fear of rejection and love yourself for real?

Is your mind scared of losing someone’s love?

Have you been rejected and remember painful, you continually worry in your life?

We all experience the fear of rejection, but if you continue to react according to the same habits learned from others, then that fear will turn into terror, panic or worry for the rest of your life.

Can you take 5 minutes to read this article that could transform your consciousness?

Fortunately, something tells me that you are different from anyone who is afraid of blaming well-intentioned but misinformed teachers and professionals.

In truth, self-teaching is not about bringing knowledge into yourself, but to remind you that they are already in you and have always been in you.

To overcome the fear of rejection, you have nothing to learn. Just observe yourself as you are, not what you want to be. This is the secret!

But you are all looking to put importance on the future (what should be) without accepting or understanding the present, so “what is”.

Accept the fear of rejection

It is important to determine if you are experiencing rejection or if it is an idea from your mind.

  • Ask yourself, who is afraid?
  • How do you know that you are afraid?
  • Do you have a present feeling or an idea about a lived feeling or that you can live?

If it’s present, then your feeling is your truth , but if it’s an idea (lived or to be lived), then that’s not a truth.

So when you are experiencing rejection, when someone has just rejected you, then there is no fear, because your current feeling is a deep sadness. You are sad to have lost someone dear.

Fear is an idea that you form in your mind about something that hurts you, that you know in experience or that others have made known to you, without experiencing it yourself.

Therefore, it is by accepting that you are afraid of being rejected, that you can heal your worries. Accepting means not reacting by denying or avoiding it without consciously understanding who has created your fear.

When you are good with someone, that you love him, do you want to know him, do you want to go away from him, to flee him? In fact, your intention is to be with that person you love.

So why deny and flee who you are, flee your fear? This is the importance of accepting who you are and then understanding how the fear of rejection was created so as not to reproduce the same experiences in your life.

Understand your habit of judging

One of the saddest habits we have in life is that of making judgments, and those who are educated, rich, in power, or popular, are always right.

How can we evolve in the expression of freedom and joy, when we must obey others in order to satisfy their ego of power, control?

To understand is precisely the opposite of that.

It is through the absence of choice that we create packaging and then our habits to believe without any possibility to understand anything else.

Our society has educated us to tell us what to do or not to do, and if we make mistakes, then we are guilty, and so to be condemned. It only hates without the possibility of making a new choice.

Have you ever felt this discomfort to make you say that it is not good, not correct, not how to do that?

Understand your habit of wanting to be loved

In truth, hating yourself, not being up to others, provokes a dangerous habit of seeking our self-esteem, our-self esteem , through the love of others.

If you observe what is happening, almost all people want to be recognized, to be appreciated, to be loved by others. The more people who recognize them, the more they think they are worthy of being loved and thus being able to love each other.

Because people hate each other (through the guilt of others) in the depths of their soul since childhood, so by reaction, they look for ways to be loved and believe that this is love.

They all believe it, because everyone lives like this.

In the old days, everyone thought that the earth was flat!

When masses of people believe in something, then it produces a “false certainty” and then knowledge to finally be right.

Understanding the fear of rejection

Imagine the great fear of being rejected by someone who loves you!

Imagine how hard it is to live rejection!

People commit suicide by rejection, people are dying to be loved by others.

Whether this person likes you or not, it does not matter, because what interests you is to receive your satisfaction. When you are satisfied, then you believe that this is love.

To protect yourself from rejection, then you think you have to impose conditions to hold back the other.

Love will never do that thing, but you seem helpless to live differently.

As a result, people live in need of love . They live in the dependence of others and they deny this observation.

Understand the need for love

A person who really loves and is aware of this, does not need the love of others.

His happiness, his esteem, his joy do not depend on anyone.

It does not mean that she does not want to be loved. It means that she does not need the love of others.

She prefers to be loved. Desire is a preference and need is an obligation without choice. One launches free creation while the other prevents free creation.

People love each other. This is not love, but the absence of love.

You forgot to love yourself first.

Therefore, who would you like if you are not aware of loving yourself first?

How to love oneself in the absence of its opposite, in the absence of choice?

Be aware that you can choose

You can not force yourself to love yourself, because that is impossible. On the other hand, you may have forgotten to love yourself by being conditioned to want to make you love, to need the love of others.

This has produced in you, the fear of rejection, the fear of not being loved.

It is the deep and unconscious habit that we all have. This is perfect and part of the process of life.

Fear is the opposite of love. The big is the opposite of the small. Black is the opposite of white. Evil is the opposite of good.

Without the little one, we would never be able to know the big one. But in judging the little one, then we forget his existence and thus not know what is great. Not to have a choice between the small and the big.

In the absence of choice, no choice is possible and no knowledge.

Do you understand that?

Thus, it is by accepting the little that the great enters into existence in our consciousness without the help of anybody. It is by understanding who you are not, that you can have the opportunity to know yourself, to love yourself.

It is by accepting and understanding the fear of rejection, the fear of not being loved, that you can bring into existence in your consciousness, the state of being contrary and thus having a conscious choice, an opportunity to choose the meaning you want to live about the fear of rejection.

What love is not

So, your best, your only solution for not experiencing rejection is to love yourself in all conscience without needing the love of the other.

And nobody in the world can tell you “how to love you”, that’s the secret. Because if I tell you, if I tell you the solutions, then this is not a free choice, but something coming from outside of you.

It’s an imposed choice that seems free!

Have you noticed that every time you’ve found an idea, a solution for yourself, you instinctively wanted to get into action without any fear?

And feel the joy, the pride and the self-esteem of having realized it?

Do not forget to love yourself as much as the other

Is the other with whom you are in a relationship also afraid to be rejected?

What can you offer him as a state of being on this subject and thus allow you not to be rejected?

Have you forced the other to need you, to believe you superior and thus live in power over that person?

Have you sought to need each other and thus live in addiction, security, conditions and waiting without offering anything from your person to another?

Therefore, did you stop offering yourself, your states of being, because now you say to yourself “I love you” and so guarantee of always in your relation?

It is by offering the other, what you desire for you, that you experience having it. So you do not feel like giving everything to the other, but to include yourself among the people to whom you give.

We can not lose what we share, because the source is in us, but we can lose what we keep and thus create the fear of losing it, the fear of rejection.

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