Is there an ultimate way to break free from loneliness?

How can you live lonely in a world full of people who feel lonely? Are we alone among the crowd?

Can we together, see solitude without seeking a solution and from there, if it is possible, to end it without any effort or resistance, as when the rain cleans the ground?

What is loneliness exactly?

To be alone is for many human beings, a situation never envisaged during our life of child and adult, until the day when this reality strikes us like an arrow in the heart.

Have you observed this difference between loneliness and sadness? Loneliness is for me, a feeling of emptiness that I feel when I think I am alone while sadness is for me, a sense of pâin of having lost someone or something that I held dear.

In some cases loneliness and sadness occur at the same time.

As with any feeling, loneliness is a result, a consequence, a fact of being that has occurred in us, following conscious or unconscious decisions and actions in relation to people.

We can not change a current result, change the reality, change its current feeling, because this is a consequence, an effect.

The universal law of cause and effect

The effect, the situation, so loneliness is temporary, but that does not mean that it is over. In fact, it continues to exist with many temporary effects and therefore you react by seeking all temporary solutions, too.

Solitude remains in us so long as we do not change the cause that creates this effect, this feeling of loneliness. And this cause, this process of creation, is you!

We have all received from birth the power to create the life we ​​choose, but our teaching has conditioned our mind  not to create, but to imitate and thus live a life monotonous, boring, destructive and empty meaningful for the interests of the people who control the thought systems.

It is through conscious creation that we make a permanent solution exist and this begins by accepting solitude as it is.

Accept the truth of your feeling of loneliness

When you accept your feeling of loneliness as it is, permanent healing has already begun.

If you have never experienced what acceptenca is  , you may not understand it and make a quick judgment, but those who have lived it know very well what it is.

However, we have been so used to reacting and looking for solutions to no longer be alone, to be bored, to have fun, that it seems to us at the beginning “true”, that this is what we must do for get rid of our loneliness.

Can you observe that this kind of reaction has its basis in fear of not staying with your feeling of loneliness that is uncomfortable?

How can you totally understand something, if you run away from it, you deny it, are you afraid of it?

But can you really escape your feeling of loneliness?

You can not, because you are that feeling … and it will remain in you, no matter what reactive solution you use. Your salvation is in a creative solution because you are a creator and not an imitator .

To accept is to love everything, and then to choose to create what suits you best, according to you, according to your own motivation, and not that of others.

Is the last solution to loneliness in the action of understanding what it is and not in the reaction to flee according to solutions of what it should be?

Understand the feeling of loneliness

To understand is not to look for reasons for loneliness, but to observe the moving process that creates that feeling. This creative movement is by means of the three tools of creation that are thought, word and action.

To understand is also not to judge, compare or memorize, because from the moment you do, your mind has already concluded before even thinking.

The action of understanding requires mental work, but most of us are lazy to think for ourselves, to find our own answers ourselves.

Our teaching has numbed our minds looking for answers outside us, doubting ourselves and blindly trusting others .

And yet, it is enough to ask questions in order to make our mind work … and so practice to develop our ability to think for ourselves.

Have we been wrongly educated, and so make us believe, that a human being is a solution to get something?

How did we create this feeling of loneliness?

Observe our society well and you will see clearly and lucidly that we have been conditioned to use human beings as a solution to loneliness and boredom.

We are in relationship with people, to the extent that they give us our entertainment, our pleasures, our satisfactions to fill this emptiness within us. So we use people so that they can “do” or “give” something and so depend on it, need it not to be alone.

We forget that we are “human beings” because we treat them as “human beings” and “human assets”.

Then, when people do not give us satisfaction about our needs or desires, then we use ways of being that go against our human nature like control, power, obedience, fear, intimidation, guilt, condemnation, superiority, etc.

All this produces only disagreements, resistances, pains, conflicts, struggles and divisions in our relations. The older we are, the more we are afraid of people, and then we build, without realizing it, a wall of isolation to protect ourselves from them , no matter if they are from our family, our work, our nation , our culture, our race, our religion or not.

But this loneliness is important and its reason for being.

The freedom to choose is our nature

Have you noticed how much we care about life , when we have problems? And those who have gone through deep problems, have you also observed how much they have compassion for people?

So, how can you become aware of the existence of unity, of love and the joy of being together, if loneliness did not exist?

In other words, if we were all united, all in love and all together, how could we really know it?

Should not we have something else that exists in order to have a choice? In the absence of darkness, how could we know that light exists?

Do you understand that?

What meaning do you want to give to your solitude?

Without solitude, we could never be conscious of our nature of love, of unity, because consciousness evolves in the freedom to choose.

It is by accepting and understanding the solitude as it is, that you free yourself from it permanently by bringing into existence in your consciousness something new about it.

Thus, you have a choice that you can experiment according to the meaning you want to give about loneliness.

We have never been alone and have never been able to appreciate this extraordinary state of being. Rather, we have chosen, by habit, to flee our state of being alone by seeking the company of someone to be bored in order to satisfy a purely selfish desire, without regard to the other!

Is it not wiser to observe people who are bored and to choose to offer our person, to be with them, without waiting for something in return?

In truth, we are ONE, when we see the pain and suffering of others as ours.

But when we spend our separate lives in our hearts seeking to obtain something from others, then we isolate ourselves to finally be alone among this large crowd.

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